Wet abrasive blasting process removing paint from yacht bottom at Alden Yachts
Note: How there is limited dust and watery mess.

GreenPro's process for restoring just about any surface to like new condition in the marine sector.

Since the creation of our revolutionary process for surface restoration we have been constantly amazed at the results this system produces both indoors and outdoors, the process is extremely clean using a fraction of the media that other systems use all while removing dirt, grime, grease, stains, paint and rust from just about any surface imaginable.

Atlantic Green Pros main focus has been to deliver green surface coating solutions, first with our proven wet abrasive blasting process which utilizes recycled glass media to strip away ugly coating to our recent addition to the Blastrac process which again utilizes recycled steel shot to strip away and profile concrete for new surface coatings.

What type of surfaces does the AtlantcGreenPro system clean? Just about anything.

The AtlanticGreenPro system quickly and safely cleans and removes contaminates like dirt, grease, grime, oils, rust, chemicals including fire damage as well as paint, graffiti and or just any other surface coating from stone, brick, concrete, stucco, portland cement, stamped concrete, aggregate cement, asphalt, composites, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, cast metals, plastic and wood and it does it all with a fraction of the mess that other systems produce leaving your environment and job site clean.

How does our process compare with other cleaning and restoration processes:

AtlanticGreenPro blasting, uses wet abrasive media blasting and recycled glass which 100% environmentally safe. AtlanticGreenPro blasting is done in an open environment, because our process encapsulates the blasting media in a water vapor which all but eliminates airborne dust making for a an extremely clean and fast work space environment. The media AtlanticGreenPro uses is recycled glass, you know the same stuff you put out curbside and is taking away by the recycle collection guys. What's better yet is our product is what the recycling industry would send to the landfill because it's to small to separate by color. What's nice a glass is that it shatters upon impact on the surface instead of smashing into it like sand (Small Rocks)... the benefit is that it scrubs away dirt, grime, rust and paint while not doing any major damage to any of the subsurface. Also tenting isn’t required, but we do it anyway. Also our wet abrasive blasting process use 50 lbs of media per hour where soda blasting and sand blasting require anywhere from between 200 lbs to 500 lbs per hour to achieve the same results leaving a mess afterwards to deal with. Our process is clean, fast and delivers results beyond one’s expectation.

Pressure washing, Pressure washing, uses water and chemical detergents at pressures from between 3000 psi to over 40,000 psi in water jet
blasting. Water and chemical detergents are forced into small places like, cracks and seals compromising and damaging the integrity of the seal which again requires expensive maintenance to fix and repair. Not just that, but most times when dealing with stubborn stains the area being cleaned has to be treated with a spray on solvents or detergents which now contaminates the ground water and surrounding work area. Because pressure washing utilizes high pressure water surfaces such as wood as well as painted surfaces are easily damaged.

Dry Sand blasting, uses a wide range of materials at pressures between 100psi and up to 150psi. Media used includes sand, glass, black beauty, , slag and even metal blast. Traditionally sand blasting is done in a dry environment, meaning there is usually a lot of dust produced. Tenting and a closed work space are required because the dust moves around and coats other objects within the surrounding work area. Sand blasting leaves a layer or dust on whatever surface is being restored and requires another level of cleaning before paint or coatings can be applied. Sand blasting also has a tendency to damage the surface leaving the surface rough and with little debits. Sand blasting also use a lot of media anywhere between 300 lbs to 1000 lbs so with sand blasting there’s a lot more to clean up after words and in many areas the process is all but restricted.

Below and on the right hand side of this web page are areas ideal for our AtlanticGreenPro surfaces restoration process .

Boat bottom paint removal
Cleaning of marine surfaces

Paint removal
Rust and corrosion removal
Docks and bulkhead cleaning
Boat yard equipment


Just some of the boats we've done recently
We do a lot of boats and this is just a sampling of recent work... we also NOW paint boat bottoms at our shop in Mt Holly NJ!

Before: 25' Grady White ... Notice the zero property line, Atlantic Green Pro works in tight spaces and keeps everyone happy... including your neighbors.
After: 25' Grady White ... You're not going to find a cleaner bottom.
Before: 25' Proline... this job was started by soda blaster who didn't properly.
Soda was on everything including the motorhome next to the boat. Atlantic Green Pro was brought in to finish the job with our dust free Farrow System.
After: 25' Proline... notice how nice the front area cleaned up which was soda blasted. Atlantic Green Pro did the entire bottom... The guys on top of the boat were trying to pressure wash and scrub off the soda which was now embeded to the gelcoat from the wet dew the night before.
Before: 33' Grady White... This bottom was a mess and we cleaned it it real nice for the client... Nice Grady!
After: 33' Grady White... not a stitch of old paint and our wet abrasive blasting
process is super gentle on your boats gel-coat
Before: 25' Hydra Sports during our wet abrasive blasting process in a boat yard... note NO DUST and very LITTLE WATER... just the cleanest boat bottoms in the business!
After: 25' Hydra Sports all cleaned up and ready for paint
Before: 33’ aluminum utility boat This is a boat we did for SeaTow which
required the anti fouling paint to be removed leaving just the Epoxy paint.
After: 33’ aluminum utility boat This what the SeaTow boat looked like after we wet abrasive blasted it. The client wanted a clean bottom for inspection.
Before: 21 ’Grady White with failed anti fouling paint chipping off
After: 21 ’Grady White all cleaded up and ready for NEW anti fouling paint
Before: 25’ Hydra Sports for Delaware River Tow Boat U.S. This boat was being converted into one of Tow Boat U.S. work boats.
After: 25’ Hydra Sports this was the bottom of the Tow Boat US Hydra Sports looked like all cleaned up and ready for paint.
After: 25’ Hydra Sports this was the same boat with NEW Tow Boat US graphics and ready to join the fleet on the Delaware river.
Before: 25’ Proline that we removed the bottom paint from.
After: 25’ Proline this is the same boat after we removed the bottom paint
Before: 40’ pontoon boat lift we removed all the bottom paint including old epoxy and anti fouling paint for pontoon fiberglass repairs. (again no DUST!)
After: 40’ pontoon boat lift all cleaned up and ready for fiberglass repairs.
Step 1: This is a 20’ Grady White getting the full treatment with bottom being blasted and painted at our shop in Mount Holly New Jersey. Our shop location allows us to both blast and paint... call us for a price on both...
(Great Savings on both blasting and painting if done at our shop in Mt Holly NJ!)
Step 2: This is the same 20' Grady White right after we removed the old paint.
(Great Savings on both blasting and painting if done at our shop in Mt Holly NJ!)
Step 3: The same 20’ Grady White With NEW EPOXY paint.
(Great Savings on both blasting and painting if done at our shop in Mt Holly NJ!)
Step 4: The same 20’ Grady White with bottom paint treatment done and again this is done at our shop in Mount Holly New Jersey
(Great Savings on both blasting and painting if done at our shop in Mt Holly NJ!)
Before: 21’ Aqua Sport getting the DUST FREE web abrasive blasting process in our clients back yard. Note NO DUST and VERY LITTLE WATER!
After: 21’ Aqua Sport all done and ready for paint.
Before: 40’ Catalina Yes we do sailboats too... this was a Florida boat that our client purchased down their and moved up north. Atlantic Green Pro test blasted the water line exposing extensive fiberglass work from the previous owner.

After: 40’ Catalina this is what was exposed after we removed the paint.
If you're a marine surveyor this is  a good reason to hire Atlantic Green Pro. Removing bottom paint gives you better understanding on just what condition the the boats bottom is really in.

Before: 25' Bimini This was a nice 25' footer we recently did it had twin diesels.
A big boat that I under estimated... Any way it was a nice boat!.

After: 25' Bimini All cleaned up and ready to be worked on and painted.
Before: 25' Grady White as you can probably see.. we do a lot of Grady Whites,
actually we do a lot of boats, this was one where we removed the bottom paint
in a very environmentally sensitive area.
After: 25' Grady White as you can see we do good boat bottoms, actually we
like to believe we do the cleanest boat bottoms in the business.
After: 32' Carver This is a recent boat we did on Asphalt and as you can see the boat bottom is super clean and there is no mess on the ground.
After: 40' Formula another recent boat we did.
After: 40' Formula same boat as above, just a close up of what to expect.
After: 28' SeaRay another recent boat we did.

Atlantic Green Pro prides ourselves on quality work, our Farrow System
wet abrasive blasting process produces the cleanest boat bottoms out there.
Compare our work with others and you can clearly see the difference.





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