AtlanticGreenPro delivers the very best in
surface restoration.

Atlantic Green Pro’s focus is surface restoration... That’s where you take a ugly surface and bring it back to life.

We started out with wet abrasive blasting which is a super clean.... green process, that uses green clean media (recycled glass) along with 5% water and 95% compressed air to safely remove most any surface coating or contaminate from just about any surface imaginable.... Not just that, but in most instances the surface looks better when we’re done, than when it was new.

Our clients love what we do and that’s one of the reasons our business keeps growing.

Atlantic Green Pro
utilizes the wet abrasive blasting process that's environmentally friendly and makes very little if any dust...

I suppose you could call it dust free, but we'll let you be the judge.

Today we do more than just wet abrasive blasting, we’ve added other green surface restoration solutions... And again all of our processes us green products to safely clean and remove old coatings and surface contaminates.

We also went out and reevaluated dry blasting and found that it too had it’s merits if done to Atlantic Green Pro’s high standards of keeping the environment
clean as does our wet blasting process.

The dry blasting processes Atlantic Green Pro uses... Relies
on green products like walnut shells, corncob and recycled glass media... the same product we use when wet abrasive blasting and again all of these are green and safe to the environment.

Because our main process is dust free wet abrasive blasting we get a lot of request to remove surface coatings from concrete floors... and sometimes we have to admit even our green wet abrasive blasting process might not be appropriate for every situation which is one of the reasons we added shot blasting with our proven Blastrac machine and Blastrac surface grinders.

Blastrac shot blasting is another green process that shoots steel shot at horizontal surfaces to blast away and old surface coatings from concrete and steel, the beauty of shot blasting is that it can be done dust free because the process happens inside a controled machine that vacuums up and recycles the steel shot and separates out the old paint waste... and again the process is dust free.

I guess you could say we've become experts in surface restoration and we have answers to help you with most any project.

If you have a building, structure, or surface you’re interested in restoring then give our team of professionals a call.

Watch this video and learn all about just one of he many green processes that AtlanticGreenPro employs.


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